We assure you that you will never get such easily accessible, cheap, fast internet in Malda.We serve you better than anyone else.
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Webel Gold

Rs. 380 /-

30 Days Validity

Speed Limit Upto 2 MBPS

Router Supported

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Webel Economy

Rs. 530 /-

30 Days Validity

Speed Limit Upto 512 kbps

Router Not Supported

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Webel Super

Rs. 11000 /-

30 Days Validity

Speed Limit Upto 8 mbps

Router Supported

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We supply raw Bandwidth (1:1) at cheap rate for Office, Institution, Corporate house & Others

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What we offer?

Reliablity : We go for the best in technology with a no compromise attitude. can simply rely on us.
Efficiency : Efficiency is the key to success.We are always there for our customers in time of their need.We have tailor made programmes to suit any of our customer's rqquirement.
Flexibality : We beleive in adapting to need of the hour. Innovation is our mantra. Our solution are custom based.
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Who we are?

WEBEL NET is a Networking technology driven company. Here we crave for giving the ultimate in service. Be it simple home based internet soluions or a highly reliable, secure leased line connectivity.

At WEBEL NET we adhere to strict code called "PERFS". Which translate into Partners, Reliable,Efficient, Flexible and Secure.
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